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High Stress? Feeling Stuck? Relationship Troubles?

I'm Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, in my 11th year of private practice. My Wife, Bonnett Chandler, MA, LPCC and I serve you with our move to Elk River & expansion into the Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Suburban Metro with online teletherapy.

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"Came to Richard for Marriage counseling and we are a completely different couple from when we started! We are so glad to have found him. He helped us to be our better selves together and even separately!"

-Google Business Review

Improve your marriage or other relationship strains through couples counseling or individual therapy. Serving you and our MN Metro clients this week of May 22, 2023, with same-day or same-week, full-hour therapy sessions - by phone, or online.


Through Couples, Mens & Womens Therapy, & Career Counseling You Gain Relationship Insight, Understanding & Clarity

High Stress? Feeling Stuck? Relationship Troubles? Improve your marriage or other relationship strains through couples counseling or individual therapy.  We serve you:

  • If after you go through the site and you cannot find what you need, please text or email. We prefer text messaging so we can respond more immediately.
  • Your free consult may be done by phone, text, email, or video conferencing; allowing you or your spouse to feel comfortable before scheduling a counseling therapy session
  • Our rates are based on a sliding fee scale and are reasonable. Private pay only. We do not work with any insurance or government programs
  • The highest level of confidentiality, as we do not upload your information to any insurance or government networks
  • Confidential therapy for men, women, engaged, married, and committed heterosexual, gay, and lesbian couples through HIPAA-compliant online and phone counseling therapy

Marriage Counseling for MN Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Couples

Marriage therapy for Minnesota residents is tailored for romantic partners regardless of their marital status, same-sex gay and lesbian partners, engaged, married or romantic partner seeking pre-marriage counseling:

  • Communication breakdowns, arguments and trouble resolving conflicts
  • Couples in unhappy marriages and significant other partnerships
  • Relationships damaged by affairs, inappropriate texting and social media flirtation
  • Financial infidelity including credit card spending without informing a spouse or gambling
  • A marriage where there have been threats of divorce
  • Sexless or low-sex marriages and long-term romantic partnerships

When possible, and if this is what both partners are willing to do, we aim to help couples renew their romantic attraction to each other, leading to increased cooperation, friendship, and romance.

Maple Grove African-American Couple in the outdoors

Mens Counseling for Better Communication, Marriage & Family Relationships

Bearded Minnetonka Man in Midlife Transformation on a Beach
  • Friction with a man's close relationships, such as with mates, co-workers, children, or parents
  • Challenges with managing frustration lead to outbursts of anger
  • Communication shortfalls are experienced as a feeling of being inadequate to communicate at the level of one's spouse or coworkers
  • Feeling misunderstood or disrespected ADD-ADHD challenges, including forgetfulness, disorganization, lacking focus on important things like being present and giving full attention to a mate or one's children
  • Many of our male clients have learned how to connect more deeply with their spouse, fiancée, or significant-other romantic partner
  • Career advancement in the face of high demands in one's personal life
  • Regaining confidence after an affair of a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancée

Also, the kinds of things we work on in counseling therapy often have helped men to find more harmony and success with their workplace relationships. This can lead to better job performance and career opportunities.

Womens Therapy for Stronger Boundaries and Life Balance

Women's Counseling has helped our clients with many of the same issues as with men. Additionally, women have worked with us on:

  • Setting clear boundaries and convincing mates, children, parents, and in-laws to take those healthier boundaries seriously
  • Navigating the tricky and challenging relationships with step-kids and the children's biological dad or mom
  • Career advancement in the face of high demands in one's personal life
  • Regaining confidence after an affair of a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancée
  • Dating again after the loss of a romantic partner
  • Reinventing one's life after having so much of one's time and identity had been devoted to raising children
  • Challenges with managing frustration lead to outbursts of anger
Maple Grove, MN Asian Woman

"He is very accommodating to tight deadlines, knowledgeable in his field, and friendly. The tests he used were comprehensive yet simple, and helped to unlock possibilities of my career interests that I had never considered before. I would happily meet with him again!"

-Google Business Review

Online Career Consulting and Life Coaching

Professional career woman in Plymouth, MN for Life Coaching with Richard Chandler, MA, LPC

Online Career Consulting and Life Coaching are also available to non-Minnesotans throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Life Coaching and Career Consulting help women and men discover previously unknown vocational possibilities. We utilize career assessments to help zero in on career opportunities that match your psychological personality type.


"I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, which I shall make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which, in the same circumstances, I would apply to myself.”
From: The American College

Individual & Couples Counseling Sessions by Phone & Online by Secure, Confidential Video Conferencing Teletherapy

Even though you may have concerns about having counseling therapy through your computer or smartphone, please give it a try. Our clients have found it to be convenient and comfortable. Telephone therapy is also an option for you.


New Client?

If you are interested in becoming a client of MN Counseling Therapy please follow this link to our New Client page to find out more information.

"Not everything faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

- James Baldwin

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, and Bonnett Chandler, MA, LPCC, do online and telephone counseling throughout the state of MN, but not other states, due to state-by-state licensing laws.

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