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Marriage Therapy Couples Counseling

Communication breakdowns between engaged and committed romantic partners may lead to troubled and failing marriages and committed partnerships. You may be experiencing signs of a romantic relationship breakdown when in times of high conflict or not communicating with your partner.

Too often, couples’ roles as parents have taken over to such a large extent that they have abandoned what got them together in the first place – their role as lovers, romantic and sexual partners.

Men's Counseling

I specialize in individual counseling therapy and life coaching with men in the Elk River and the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul MN area. Working with a counseling therapist who understands men's issues is more helpful than working with a therapist who has more difficulty understanding your perspective.

Men can be reluctant to work with a talk therapist. Often men expect this dreaded question: "How does that make you feel?" It is not a question that I ask.

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Women's Counseling

Therapy has the power to make a significant positive difference in your life—even if you're not currently dealing with a mental illness. Clients come to me for counseling in many areas of their lives. Some of the most common issues I encounter include emotional intimacy, anger management, and deciding whether to stay in a relationship or get divorced.

While men and women seek help for many of the same issues, women often face unique challenges, especially when it comes to professional, family, and romantic relationships.

ADD, Attention Deficit & ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Counseling

Whether officially diagnosed or not, you may have aspects of ADD ADHD. A common approach in counseling is to identify all of the ways that the disorder is hindering your life. In counseling therapy with me, we instead emphasize your ADD and ADHD influenced advantages.

Those advantages include the ability to hyper-focus on subjects that interest you. Another advantage is the increased capacity to engage successfully with entrepreneurial and artistic pursuits. We will explore how to amplify the strengths and benefits of your kind of brain, while at the same time, minimizing the difficulties.

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Anger Management Counseling Therapy

I focus on online and telephone anger management therapy for Twin Cities, St.Cloud, adults throughout Minnesota. The work helps you prevent irritation and frustration from becoming outbursts of anger that embarrass you afterward, hurt others, and that distance you from loved ones.

With my anger management counseling, I approach anger differently. I seek to understand your unique anger pattern, interrupt that pattern, and even replace your habit with a new way of responding tailored to you.

Career Consulting

The most common reason people like you seek me our for career guidance, life coaching, and workplace consulting in Minnesota, is to gain confidence in choosing a new career. I'll look forward to hearing about your background, career possibilities, and ideas of how you might move towards your new career. You may also ask us about the services that could benefit you most in achieving your goals as well as their costs.

These discussions include exploring your innate preferences, unique abilities, and career aspirations. We do this through reliable and valid assessments as well as having a detailed career guidance exploration. Please call or email if you wish to schedule an appointment to answer your questions about vocational career planning and counseling.

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Myers-Briggs® & Strong Interest® Tests

I provide state-of-art assessment tools and consulting services to help you match your preferences, strengths, passions, abilities, and skills with career opportunities. Please don't hesitate to text or call 320-223-9481 or email me to ask any questions about the Myers-Briggs Type II Indicator (MBTI) or Strong Interest Inventory® (SII).

Many of the Central Minnesota couples that I have worked over the years have used the standard version or the preferred, more sophisticated version of the Myers-Briggs® to better understand their spouse and to be better understood themselves.

Myers-Briggs® "Psychological Personality Type" assessments have helped many of my engaged, married, and committed couples to understand each other. A great many Central Minnesota couples have used this assessment to improve their relationship communication.

Training & Workshop Facilitation

For decades, I have spoken professionally on speaking topics relating to business, leadership, communications, and psychology. My style is to engage audiences by presenting helpful information, humor and, audience participation. In doing so, I tailor my presentations to the needs of the participants. Time frames can be flexible, with talks lasting under an hour to 2-hour, 3-hour or half-day workshops.

Speaking topics include:

  • Professional Workplace Communications
  • Giving Corrective Feedback that Gets Lasting Results
  • Better Communication by Understanding Personality Types including People Styles at Work, Myers-Briggs© and Strong Interest Inventory©
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