Hiring Richard Chandler, MA, LPC for Keynotes, Training Workshops or Informal Talks

Richard Chandler MA LPC Speaker for a workshop in St. Cloud, MN.

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Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, Kelly Krueger, MA, LMFT

For decades, I have spoken professionally on speaking topics relating to business, leadership, communications, and psychology. My style is to engage audiences by presenting helpful information, humor and, audience participation. In doing so, I tailor my presentations to the needs of the participants. Time frames can be flexible, with talks lasting under an hour to 2-hour, 3-hour or half-day workshops.


Speaking topics include:

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Career Reinvention

  • Reinventing Your Career
  • Knowing How Your Psychological Personality Type Affects Career Happiness
  • Turning Your Hobby Into a Small, but Profitable Business

Better Communications

  • Getting Your Wants Met - Transforming Complaints Into Requests
  • How to "Take On" the Perspective of Another in Order to Genuinely Connect
  • Engaging Others through Inquiry - How to Use Questions Skillfully
  • Achieving Balance While Communicating - How to Avoid Dominating or Being Dominated in Conversations
  • The 3 Daily Appreciations - How to Supercharge Your Romantic Love Relationships in a Few Minutes a Day
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Navigating Life Successfully

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Additional Topics, Fees and Speaking Engagements

Fees depend on a variety of factors which we can discuss by phone. We do everything we can to work within your budget and will consider honorariums.

I take advantage of opportunities to speak publicly on how to have a healthier, happier, and more successful life.

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The speaking engagements, both paid and pro-Bono, focus on a variety of topics including:

  • Psychological personality type including the Myers-Briggs© and People Styles at Work systems
  • Understanding & Reducing the Effects of Too Much Stress
  • Giving Effective & Focused Feedback
  • Achieving Long-term Change through Prochaska’s Change Cycle, A Research-backed Road-map to making Lasting Change
  • A Career- Change Road-map
  • How to Build a Happier Relationship with Your Romantic Partner
  • Talks on the Psychology of Alfred Adler and Carl Jung

Previous speaking engagements I have done include:

"Richard Chandler has been helpful in my own career as a Masters degree student in vocational and rehabilitation counseling. I first called him asking for internship opportunities (since it was that time of the year) and got advice about career choices, possible job opportunities, and wanting to know more about my masters degree program. Mr. Chandler got to know my career goals, what made the goals unique to me, and offered any assistance needed during my graduate program. Since he was so helpful, I asked him for an interview for my Vocational Evaluation & Placement graduate class project. Mr. Chandler was willing to offer an interview for my class project and through the interview gave insight on how a career in counseling would benefit people. The internship with Mr. Chandler didn't work out, but I'm glad I called him and now have a professional reference in the counseling business who cares about the next generation of counselors. If you are looking for counseling or consulting, give Richard Chandler a call. You will be happy you did."

-Google Business Review

Fees depend on a variety of factors which we can discuss by phone. We do everything we can to work within your budget and will consider honorariums.

Please contact us by phone or text: 320.223-9481 Email: richardjchandler@gmail.com. We can discuss your organization's unique needs.

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