Client Reviews

"A counselor that you can relate to. Great experience, thank you!"

"Great service. Nice guy(very understanding ). Would recommend him."

"Excellent experience. Mr. Chandler is patient, insightful, and creative in his counseling. I highly recommend him."

"Richard was great. Helped me with a lot in only two sessions."

Counseling Client Reviews

"Richard is a very easy person to open up and talk to, and that’s the biggest reason why he is so helpful with whatever you need his help with. I will always recommend him for anything, Thanks Richard!"

"Richard was wonderful to work with. My husband and I had a few sessions with him and felt every session left us with better understanding in a communication. We were very happy and would highly recommend him."

"Richard helped my husband with his anger, anxiety, and tobacco addiction. He was able to help me with my anxiety and need to please everyone around me, except my husband. He was able to give us tangible exercises that helped both of us. Now, two years later we look forward to our meetings with Richard and have been focusing more time on bettering our careers and we are far happier as individuals and as a married couple. Thank you Richard!"

"My husband and I talked with Richard Chandler for a few sessions. He had great parenting and partner communication insights! My husband and I left each session with fresh ideas on how to navigate stressful parenting situations. Richard was also very professional and attentive! I highly recommend Richard Chandler."

"We were very happy with the service. Richard was able to help us understand, put things into perspective, and set up boundaries that will help us grow as a couple and blended family. Thank you."

"Richard was very professional and understanding I really like knowing he adapted his approach."

"Came to Richard for Marriage counseling and we are a completely different couple from when we started! We are so glad to have found him. He helped us to be our better selves together and even separately!"

"I had gone to many different therapists in the central MN area, each feeling not quite right. A lot of the time I felt like the therapist wasn't really engaged in me or what was going on in my life and just asked me cookie-cutter-type questions and the whole thing just felt very impersonal. But I decided to give Richard a try and I could immediately tell the difference, I could tell that I was dealing with a professional, who genuinely wanted to help. I felt like I was really receiving help and guidance rather than being another face, you know? Definitely recommend to anyone looking to receive some quality counseling."

"Working with Richard has not only helped save our marriage, but it has also helped both my husband and I as individuals. Through our time with Richard we have become better parents, employees, and partners. Initially, when we went to see Richard, this was our third attempt at couple’s therapy and our last attempt. Richard was able to help us remember why we first fell in love with each other. Along the way we discovered things that both my husband and I needed to work on as individuals to become better partners and parents. Thank you Richard!"

"I would highly recommend Chandler Counseling & Consulting. Richard has a very logical and professional outlook on any situation. Along with being a great listener, Richard was wonderful to work with."

"Very good at his job and friendly."

"Richard was friendly, honest and very professional."

Consulting Client Reviews

"I have been seeing Richard Chandler for business counseling and honestly he is such an amazing and knowledgeable counselor. He is comfortable to talk to and helps me feel confident in decision making for my business. I can't thank him enough. Sending blessings and love to him and his family always!"

"Richard provided sound advice and actionable tasks that helped guide me in my career. He presents a professional and thoughtful approach to counseling. I would highly recommend Richard for career counseling."

"I would recommend talking to Richard for anyone who struggles with selecting a career choice. I was a sophomore headed into college with no idea what I might want to continue doing but one session with him made me feel confident and happy with my decision. He is very accommodating to tight deadlines, knowledgeable in his field, and friendly. The tests he used were comprehensive yet simple, and helped to unlock possibilities of my career interests that I had never considered before. I would happily meet with him again!"

Richard Chandler has been helpful in my own career as a Masters's degree student in vocational and rehabilitation counseling. I first called him asking for internship opportunities (since it was that time of the year) and got advice about career choices, possible job opportunities, and wanting to know more about my master's degree program. Mr. Chandler got to know my career goals, what made the goals unique to me and offered any assistance needed during my graduate program. Since he was so helpful, I asked him for an interview for my Vocational Evaluation & Placement graduate class project. Mr. Chandler was willing to offer an interview for my class project and through the interview gave insight on how a career in counseling would benefit people. The internship with Mr. Chandler didn't work out, but I'm glad I called him and now have a professional reference in the counseling business who cares about the next generation of counselors. If you are looking for counseling or consulting, give Richard Chandler a call. You will be happy you did."


"I have a great experience with Richard. I feel much more focused and refreshed! His consulting definitely helped me put my business idea into action and get started with my own business!"


Wonderful to work with. Would highly recommend."

"Richard Chandler is awesome at his craft; he had helped with a range of things from anger to personal relationships and even as much as career goals! Very flexible and understanding of your needs, 5 stars isn’t a high enough rating!"

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