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"We Help You Create a Happier Life when Challenged by Personal & Work Relationships or Difficult Challenges."

We Find it Rewarding to Help Clients Better Their Lives

We enjoy our work. Helping clients to better understand and navigate through difficult life situations or relationship challenges is rewarding for us. Without professional help, people can spin their wheels, trying to make things better, but lacking the expertise and outside, objective perspective allowing them to do something more effectively.

We find it deeply rewarding to provide that perspective. When you work with us online or by phone we want you to receive counseling therapy confidentially, professionally, and safely.

History of MN Counseling Therapy

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC at 2040 Douglas Ave Office Building in Golden Valley, MN 55422

We began Chandler Counseling and consulting June 1st of 2012 at our St. Cloud, MN location. We have been continuously practicing there up to this present time.

In March of 2020, we went completely online due to Covid-19.

We continue to serve the Saint Cloud, Alexandria and Central MN area and have now expanded into the Minneapolis Metro area online, and with this MN Counseling Therapy website.

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC came to psychotherapy after two decades of work in holistic healthcare. He wanted to serve clients when faced with life challenges that were more mental, emotional, and relational than was possible in his former healthcare practice. 

Before beginning his practice specializing in career counseling and Myers-Briggs®, Richard mentored with psychologist Kirk Lamb, Ph.D., author of a helpful romantic and married couples’ e-book and a career e-book, which are both on this website.

In addition to career consulting, life and executive coaching, Richard primarily works with couples and individual men and women seeking better relationships, personal growth, and greater life-balance and happiness.

MN Counseling Therapy is now in its 12th year of practice, and Richard feels honored to serve Central MN clients and MSP and surrounding suburbs clients online.

Richard am a Licensed Professional Counselor through the State of Minnesota. If you would like to verify Richard's license, you can use the lookup on this page. # 1971.


Bonnett Chandler, MA, LPCC - Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Bonnett Chandler, MA, LPCC, has an extensive background as a program counselor serving developmentally disabled and autistic adult clients in Sauk Rapids, MN group homes. She wished to pursue counseling for teens and adults who had relationships and life challenges.

Therefore it made sense for her to complete her BA degree and pursue her master’s degree in psychotherapy and begin the long process leading to licensing in mental health. In addition to working with Chandler Counseling & Consulting of St. Cloud, MN, she has served as a therapist for a residential mental treatment facility for teens and young adults  with mental illness and trauma.

Bonne Chandler attended the Adler Graduate School in Minnesota. She earned her master's degrees in Adlerian counseling and psychotherapy. Bonnett's education included all of the generalist knowledge in psychology required to obtain psychotherapy licenses. Additionally, she had focused training on the psychology of Alfred Adler, who, along with Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, were the foundational figures of modern psychology.

After completing her master’s degree, she was a full-time employee of Nexus at their Mille Lacs Academy treatment facility in Onamia, Minnesota. She served in dual roles as a psychotherapist and a clinical supervisor.

Bonnett previously worked as a therapist for Newport Healthcare in their Residential Treatment Facilities in Monticello and Buffalo, MN.

Bonnett is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor through the State of Minnesota. If you would like to verify Bonette's license, you can use the lookup on this page.  #2554.


Kelly Krueger, MA, LMFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Kelly Krueger, MA, LMFT is a dedicated and compassionate licensed marriage and family therapist with MN Counseling Therapy. She is committed to providing individual and couples therapy to those seeking therapeutic services.

Kelly's academic journey began with an undergraduate degree in corrections. However, her desire to help people led her to pursue a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University, Twin Cities. In her years of experience, she has gained significant experience working with youth and their families in residential treatment. Her expertise includes training in Adolescent DBT, EMDR, and TF-CBT.

With her wide-ranging experience, Kelly is comfortable working with a myriad of general mental health issues, including personality disorders, depression, and anxiety. Kelly works with both individuals and couples and strives to create a safe and comfortable environment for her clients, meeting them where they are and asking them what they need from therapy.

Kelly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist through the State of Minnesota. If you would like to verify Kelly's license, you can use the lookup on this page.  #1713.


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