Anger Management Therapy, Classes or Online Course?

Anger Therapy, Classes or Online Anger Course?

Anger Management Counseling Therapy Vs. Classes
One-on-one Anger Management Therapy
In-Person Group Anger Management Classes
Individualized, undivided attention
Attention divided between the group
Provides a tailored solution specifically for your and your life.
Offers more generic ways of dealing with anger
High flexibility in scheduling
Must choose class days/times listed
Privacy and confidentiality assured through a licensed practitioner
There is no assurance that members of the group may talk with anyone about you
Do not have others right there to learn from and find out what worked for them
Can learn from others in a group setting
Your own frustrations with relationships, work or your personal life are discussed and strategies to have less stress are discussed
Time is not typically allocated to discussing the individual lives of group participants

Factors To Consider When Chooseing Between Anger Management Classes, Online Course or Seeing a Therapist For Anger:

There are both advantages and disadvantages to each. Anger management classes are aimed to teach people skills to regulate their emotions and calm down. They can be taken by anyone who desires to handle their anger better. Sometimes they are court-ordered or used in residential settings for those with traumatic brain injuries.

Most anger management classes & Courses teach participants relaxation strategies

In-person classes usually meet weekly for one to two hours.

People attending these classes may also need individual therapy as anger management classes do not always solve everything. Processes that commonly are part of anger management classes can fail to get to the heart of what tics you off and what happens internally with you before responding by becoming mad.

Individual therapy processes work because they aren’t generic and are based uniquely on you. Benefits to individual therapy include receiving personal attention, guarantees of privacy, and more flexibility in scheduling. However, anger therapy does cost more and doesn’t give the added benefits of learning from others in a group setting.

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