Igor Stravinsky Quotes

Igor Stravinsky Quotes

Igor Stravinsky was financially successful as a composer, conductor and performer of his music. He was named by Time magazine as one of the most influential people of the twentieth century. Even so, Igor and his wife, Vera Stravinsky, often had money woes, partially due to providing substantial unending financial support to his adult children.

Image: Photo of composer, Igor Stravinsky 

“Money may kindle, but it cannot by itself, and for very long, burn.”

“To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also.”

“I live neither in the past nor in the future. I am in the present. I cannot know what tomorrow will bring forth. I can know only what the truth is for me today. That is what I am called upon to serve, and I serve it in all lucidity.”

“Silence will save me from being wrong (and foolish), but it will also deprive me of the possibility of being right.”

“In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?”

– Igor Stravinsky  (1882-1971)

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