David Winston Quotes

Photo of herbalist, David Winston

David Winston Quotes

Bonnett and I had the opportunity to take several classes from David Winston, AHG, an Herbalist and Ethno-botanist with over 35 years of training in Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal traditions. We know him as an outstanding teacher and formulator of herbal remedies.

Image: Photo of herbalist, David Winston

“… A wholistic program is most effective when it addresses the underlying causes of imbalance in the body(the terrain) rather than treating a disease as an invader of the body. Look carefully at your own unique patterns and all the factors that may influence them. Understanding yourself is the first step toward healing.”

“Right now, this is unsettling noise that in the short run is not going to be favorably received but in the long run is neutral until either a conviction or acquittal occurs.”

“Anytime you are on offence, it is always better. It means you are driving the discussion and debate.”

– David Winston

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